Nothing can effectively be curated and powerful without intention.It's important that my Why is known, understood, and available. Living in The Truth House was not a learned behavior for me. I was born with the house strongly built around me. I've lived in this home for lifetimes, and have reinforced, maintained, cared, and fed it. As a child I was blatant, and exuberant. The importance of my essence needed to be felt and shared with others. I healed before I could speak. I communed with spirit before I communed with humans. I was birthed between realms, and I remained there. My Truth got me in trouble, My Truth challenged others, entire systems, ways of life. My Truth was different, and it was entirely mine. When circumstances of trauma, and heart-centered deviations occurred, I strayed away from my Why. I found myself depressed, suicidal, and mindlessly engaging in 'mediocre' and truth-less instances. Throughout the years of contrast, I learned to sit in the dark. To heal myself, to heal others, and remembered how to empower a 'broken' human. My Why has been the same since I was born. My Why has never shifted, never wavered, it never changed. I was manufactured by the universe to heal.